Diary of a Witness by Astrid Holleeder published today
After the overwhelming – and extremely successful – book Judas, Astrid Holleeder gives us a surprisingly intimate sequel: Diary of a Witness

Diary of a Witness by Astrid Holleeder published today

Gepubliceerd op 27 oktober, 2017 om 00:00

While Judas is the story about the decision to testify against her brother Willem Holleeder, Diary of a Witness is rather about the consequences of that far-reaching decision. What were the effects on the lives of the Holleeder family: on mother Stien, sister Sonja, the children and their partners, the grandchildren and above all: on Astrid herself?

Diary of a Witness offers us a glimpse into the life of someone who, out of necessity, has had to go into hiding and for whom nothing is ‘normal’. From grocery shopping to a day at the beach with the children: nothing is without risk. Whether that is ever going to change, only time will tell. In 2018 the court case against her brother Willem will take place.

Diary of a Witness is a revealing book about how the authorities treat ‘normal’ witnesses, and it’s the moving account of a woman who has had to give up her working life, of a mother trying to do best for her children and grandchildren, of a sister and friend who’s always taking in tow the ones around her and of a witness in the case against her brother: Astrid Holleeder.

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