Judas by Astrid Holleeder is a break out success in Holland
Judas by Astrid Holleeder is a break out success in Holland, since it was published on november 5th. Within two weeks the book has 340.000 copies in print and has topped all bestseller charts in Holland. 

Judas by Astrid Holleeder is a break out success in Holland

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We have prepared a page for the book (under 'Dutch authors') on our agency website - with quotes, blurb, the translated epilogue, an interview with Astrid Holleeder etc) and are currently preparing a full English translation. 

We sold Danish & Swedish rights in a double deal to Politiken and and their newly created imprint Polaris. Jonas Axelsson will be the publisher of this exciting venture. From the press release:

"As part of JP / Politikens Forlag’s growth strategy, a modern quality publishing house will now be established in Sweden. The new Swedish publishing house, which is named Polaris Förlag, is founded on the same strategy that characterizes JP / Politikens Forlag – namely a focused bestseller publishing house with a market-orientated publishing portfolio, where the individual authorship will be highly prioritized and where quality literature and large volume sales will be in focus. The publishing profile will centre on literary fiction, crime and thrillers, and popular nonfiction.

The Publishing Director of Polaris Förlag is Jonas Axelsson (51), who has previously held the position as Literary Director at Albert Bonniers Förlag (2004-2012) and as Director of Bonnier Group Agency (2010-2012). Most recently Jonas founded and acted as CEO of the Swedish agency Partners in Stories."

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