Expositie Jonah Falke lovend besproken in Wall St International
Jonah Falke, auteur van Bontebrug, opende afgelopen zaterdag zijn eerste solo-expositie 'Dogs & Faces' bij Galerie Bart in Amsterdam. The Wall Street International ging kijken en schreef deze mooie recensie.

Expositie Jonah Falke lovend besproken in Wall St International

Gepubliceerd op 16 maart, 2017 om 00:00

"'Dogs & Faces' shows a series of paintings with introverted dogs and hermetical human faces. They are isolated from their surroundings, and seem to reveal a certain social discomfort. Jonah Falke’s ‘painted detachment’ makes his work expressive and unapproachable at the same time.

Falke does not seem to want to reveal more than just a glimpse; the rest is up to the viewer. The framed, staring and expressionless portraits suggest troubled emotions and make you think about painters such as Francis Bacon and Georg Baselitz. Both the claustrophobic paintings of Bacon as well as the ‘upside-down’ paintings by Baselitz emphasize that the expression is sometimes even more important than the representation. Like his predecessors Falke appeals to the involvement of the viewer, but in his own ‘literal’ way: direct and unadorned. The colour palette is modest and deliberate, although he applies the paint with a restrained spontaneity."

Lees de hele review hier. 

De expositie loopt nog tot en met 22 april 2017. Voor meer informatie, zie de website van Galerie Bart.

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